Rules and Guidelines

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Rules and Guidelines

Post  Snakeruler on Sun Jul 25, 2010 9:56 pm

1) Be friendly, and treat each other in a manner you'd like to be treat. Welcome new people to the forums with a warm heart.

2) Inappropriate posts, these include:

• Swearing at other members (Swearing is acceptable to some extent)
• Software piracy or illegal programs Eg. Viruses (Threads on jail breaking iPods are allowed)
• Pornography or other obscure images
• Where you live (Direct)

3) Location. You may post what Country, Region, or even which state you live. But telling your address is against the rules (As if you would anyway)

4) Accounts:

Sharing an account is against the rules. People found sharing will receive an infraction.
Ban Evasion will get yourself a permanent IP address will be banned. If you don't know what and IP is, in other words everyone in your house will get banned.
Account mimicking is also against the rules. This means, if you wanted to pretend your someone else, and made an account which resembles another user. You will be banned. Example: 'Notch' to 'Notch ' or 'Notch.'

5) Spelling and Grammar:

There is nothing I hate more than bad spelling and bad grammar. Please post with good grammar and good spelling. These will not be warned for, but it makes the forums a nicer place. Typos are allowed of course!

If there is anything we have missed in this forum, please tell us. Whether it's just a smiley.

If you are given an infraction, you will be pm'd. Your account will be tagged with one infraction.

Getting 3 will result in a 3 day ban. 5 will get you banned.

The admins and moderators reserve the right to delete, edit, warn or ban any user if necessary

If you would like to donate to us. We will use the money to buy a domain, and donate the rest to Notch for the development of Minecraft.


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