Read me before posting (Rules)

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Read me before posting (Rules)

Post  Snakeruler on Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:53 pm

If you wish to own a clan here, you must follow my simple rules;

• You may have a maximum of 3 Clans. If you do not want your old ones, Please PM me, or another Administrator or Moderator and ask for it to be locked.
• Clan rivalries are acceptable to some extent. Disliking another clan is one thing, but raiding their Thread or Server is another thing. Raiding results in lock of thread, and a warning to the owner of the clan (May vary) and a warning to the user(s) responsible.
• If you are still in possession of the rank 'New Born' You are not allowed to run a clan and your thread will be locked. When you outgrow this rank, your thread will be unlocked


• Have a nice banner, name and Motto
• Have a 'hangout' server or map.
• If your club has more than 15 members, you will receive a private section that only your clan members can see. (Administrators and Moderators see these too (For control))
• Be an active leader.

Now you read these, you must abide with them. Good luck with your clan.

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