Minecraft Alpha 1.0.12

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Minecraft Alpha 1.0.12

Post  Snakeruler on Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:34 pm

* Big slimes no longer spawn in peaceful
* Slimes have sounds now!
* Fixed slime targeting / attacking
* Fixed font colors being broken
* Some multiplayer work

Slimes will get slightly better visuals (transparency!) and will become regional.

And, on the multiplayer front, I managed to fix the memory leak and the shadow/lighting bug, and made the visible terrain radius around players a server-side option, so you can lower it to save bandwidth. Because it’s exponential, dropping it just one chunk in radius gives a pretty dramatic effect. For example, I changed the default from 15 chunks radius to 10, and bandwidth usage dropped by 55%.
I also got the max player cap implemented, added word wrapping to the chat, and some other minor stuff I forget about.

It’s funny, on Friday, I was kinda stressing out about the memory leak and so, but when I sat down to fix it today, it only took a couple of minutes to debug. Weekends = yay!

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